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Spanish-American War Trivia Hunt

Research Project


Spain and American were at odds over Spanish presence in the Americas. By the late 1800's, Spain was no longer a world power, but continued to dominate Cuba and Puerto Rico. In the United States, many Americans sided with those Cubans who wanted freedom from Spain. In this project, you will discover and gain more information about the Spanish-American War, and understand why America fought this war with Spain.


To better understand what the war was all about and how it was fought, you will need to research several questions using the provided links.


The QUESTIONS you need to find answers to are:

  • 1. What was the Maine, what happened to it, and how did this start the war? (PBS.org)
  • 2. Many Americans assumed the Spanish were to blame for the destruction of the Maine. One individual offered a sizeable reward for the "detection of the Perpetrator of the Maine Outrage."
  • 3. Who was he, and how much did he offer? (PBS.org)
  • 4. Recent evidence shows what about the Maine disaster? (PBS.org)
  • 5. What was "Yellow Journalism" and how did headlines influence the American people? (Yellow Journalism: PBS.org) (Sample Headlines: PBS.org)
  • 6. Who is considered the "Father of Yellow Journalism?"
  • 7. The First United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment was organized by whom and was better known by what name? (Theodore Roosevelt Association)
  • 8. What was the most famous battle of this regiment? (History Central)
  • 9. What disease killed more men than the war itself, and how many did it kill? (University of Virginia Health System)
  • 10. What are the symptoms of this disease, how do people get it and who discovered how to stop the disease? (The Fight for Life: Medical Innovation During War)
  • 11. Who commanded the U.S. Navy fleet that defeated the Spanish fleet guarding the Philippines? (Presidio of San Francisco)
  • 12. Who were the Buffalo Soldiers? (Presidio of San Francisco)
  • 13. Besides Cuba, where else was this war fought? (Answers.com -- see the Results section)
  • 14. What was the name of the treaty that ended this war? (Spanish American War.com; scroll down the page to see the answer!)

Map Project

From the world map provided to you locate Cuba, the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii

Printable version of the questions and map project (PDF file)

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